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5W Class Assembly

Class 5W rose to the challenge set by Daisy, their teacher for the day, to work in groups to present the different things they have been learning about this term.  Group 1 did a great job of informing us about the planets - including why we can no longer class Pluto as a planet!  Group 2 then shared some fantastic art in the style of Peter Thorpe.  Four pieces of writing were then shared by Group 3 who had been learning the techniques needed to create suspense, before Group 4 shared how important maths is for space exploration.  The children even managed to educate two passing aliens about the best strategies to use when working with fractions! The final group interviewed two astronauts with some very well-chosen questions to help understand what life is like in space. 

The assembly finished with the whole class performing the song 'A Million Dreams'.

Thank you 5W for a great assembly and to all the parents and carers who came along to watch.

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