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Transitioning from Infant School to Junior School


If your child has been attending Hamstel Infant School he or she may already know some of our staff. We have links with the Infant School and sometimes the staff meet to discuss common interests e.g. in relation to Special Educational Needs.

In addition, there are meetings held between year 2 teachers from the infants and year 3 teachers from the Juniors. Children also have the opportunity to visit the school before the summer break to meet their class teacher and spend time in their new classroom. 

Transitioning from Junior School to Secondary School


Secondary School Education

The allocation of secondary schools is made during the final year of junior education; a place normally being allocated to each child at their local school. Parents are given information from the Local Authority in how to make an application for a secondary place and, as much as possible, we will support parents in this process. Southend also has selective schools within the city. 

Secondary School Admissions


Click here to read information about the admission criteria, admission process and details of local secondary schools on Southend City Council's website.


Key Information 

Visit the websites of the following schools to find out open day dates and other key information.


Belfairs Academy 

Cecil Jones Academy

Chase High School

Eastwood Academy (The)

The King Edmund School

Southchurch High

Southend High School for Boys

Southend High School for Girls

St. Bernard's High School

St. Nicholas School

St. Thomas More High School

Westcliff High School for Boys

Westcliff High School for Girls

Selective Schools and the 11+


What is the 11+?

The 11+ is a series of tests sat by children to gain a place in year 7 at several local schools.  The purpose of the 11+ test is to select the children who have the potential to thrive in an environment which provides a highly academic curriculum and a range of challenging pursuits.


The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex  

The 11+ in Southend-On-Sea is administered by CSSE.  Please click here to access their website for the latest information and to register your child for the test.

CSSE Admission Booklet for 2024 Entrance

Secondary School Admissions - Short Guide

Consultations (Admissions)

St Bernard's High School Admissions Consultations Letter 2025-26

St Bernard's High School Proposed Admissions Arrangements 2025-2026

Our Lady of Lourdes Admissions Consultations Letter 2025-2026

Our Lady of Lourdes Admissions Policy 2025-2026

Prince Avenue Admissions Consultations Letter 2025-2026

Prince Avenue Admissions Policy 2025-2026

Chase High School Admissions Policy 2025-2026

Chase High School Admissions Consultations 2025-2026

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