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Year 6

Over the year, the children will be taught a broad and balanced curriculum which provides a range of opportunities to support and extend their learning. 

More information about the curriculum at Hamstel Junior School can be found under ‘Curriculum’.  

Meet the team

Mrs Dunn

6Du - Year group leader

Miss Austin

6A - Design and Technology

Miss Eldridge

6B - PE

Miss Duggans

6D - ECT Induction Tutor

Mrs Smale

6S - English


Children should have their library books in school every day.

Tuesday - 6E

Wednesday - 6S

Thursday - 6A and 6Du

Friday - 6D


Please note these days are subject to change and children should always have their PE kit in school.

Monday -  6A, 6D, 6E and 6S

Tuesday - 6D and 6Du

Thursday - 6A and 6S

Friday - 6Du and 6E

Key Dates

yr 6 dates.JPG
* Dates may be liable to change, please use as a guide.


Homework expectations for each week

Reading - daily reading for approx. 15 minutes

- 10 Books to Read in Year 6 

Spelling - weekly spelling task - searching the books read at home for words matching the weekly spelling pattern/ learning the list of 'Words We Need to Know'

Maths - daily practice of the key skills (KIRFs) as outlined for each half term.

Year 6 pupils will be given additional more formal homework in preparation for the SATs and transition to secondary school.

TT Rock StarsPractising your tables regularly will really help you learn them and speed up your recall.  Using TT Rock Stars will help you. Aim to practise your tables every day.  

Year 6 Latest News

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