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Year 6 Kingswood


We will be taking our year 6 children to Kingswood at Grosvenor Hall, Kent in June 2025.

The trip is a wonderful opportunity for the children to develop their independence and confidence as well as their ability to socialise and work collaboratively with others before starting secondary school.

Essential Information

The Kingswood Centre

Grosvenor Hall



TN25 4AJ



Sunday 8th June – Wednesday 11th June 2025


Please note, if we feel that the behaviour displayed by your child in school could affect the safety of the group when we are away, we reserve the right not to take your child on the trip.  Once there, if the behaviour of your child is affecting the safety of the group, you will be asked to come and collect them.


Sunday 8th June

Children should arrive at school at 11:45am and report to the Centenary Hall to be registered by a teacher (holdalls should be left with staff in the car park next to the dining hall).  

Wednesday 11th June

We should return to school at approx. 4:15pm.  Parents will be informed after 2:30pm to let them know whether we are on schedule.

Example Kingswood Itinerary











Grosvenor House has a range of accommodation – some rooms are ensuite whilst others have communal bathrooms (single-sex).  Accommodation is allocated to schools two weeks before departure.

Staff rooms are interspersed between the children’s bedrooms. 


Children have a small space to store their belongings. 

The children will be provided with duvets, pillows and bedding.  They will need to put their duvet cover and pillowcase on their bedding when they arrive!  Please note, children do not need to bring their own bedding (unlike the Skreens Park trip).

Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 11.08.50.png
Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 11.08.41.png
Please note, this video shows Kingswood at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight not Grosvenor House in Kent.

Kit List

Kit should be packed in a holdall or suitcase that can be carried by your child (please be aware that their accommodation may be up a flight of stairs).  All bags should be labelled on the outside with your child's name and HJS.


Clothes and Footwear


  • Long-sleeved t-shirts and trousers  - these are required for most activities (so pack plenty) - old clothes are recommended

  • Two warm jumpers/sweatshirts

  • For Nightline - old clothes which may get muddy

  • Enough socks and underwear to last for 4 days

  • Trainers (a pair to wear plus a spare pair)

  • Lightweight pyjamas (it gets hot in the rooms) and dressing gown / something to wear after showering

  • slippers 

  • A waterproof jacket

  • A hat


Hamstel Leavers’ Hoodie (optional)

Hamstel Leavers’ Hoodies are now available to buy from Brand Identity if you would like your child to have one to wear whilst on the school trip.  The children will still receive a Leavers’ t-shirt at the end of the year from the PTA with every year 6 child’s name on it .  There is no requirement to buy a hoodie, but they are available for those parents who would like one for their child.  

Essential Items


  • One towel (no towels are provided)

  • One small case or holdall to fit everything in

  • Toiletries - including toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, roll-on deodorant (no aerosols)

  • Hair tie for long hair (if appropriate)

  • Sun cream and sunglasses

  • A named water bottle - children have access to water all day. In exceptional circumstances, your child may bring a small Robinsons Squash’d (or equivalent) to flavour the water  

  • Two large plastic bags for dirty washing


Other items


  • A watch (however, children will not be allowed to wear it for any activity)

  • A quiet game that the children can play in their room e.g. travel chess, cards

  • Pocket money – up to £6 for small presents / souvenirs etc. Children won’t be able to buy sweets or drinks; they will be responsible for their own money. 






  • Medication must be handed to a member of staff before departure. Anyone with asthma must have two inhalers for the trip (inhalers kept in school can be taken home at the end of school on Friday the 9th June). All medication must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and the dosage and be in its original packaging. Please do not cut into a strip of tablets – the whole strip must be intact. Medical forms need to be completed for both prescription and non-prescription medicines. 

         Medical Form - Non Prescription

         Medical Form - Prescription


For the Journey

 Items for the coach should be packed in a separate small bag (a small rucksack / your child's school bag is ideal).

  • A pen and pencil

  • Quiet activities or games (reading books, puzzle books, travel chess etc)

  • A small snack and drink for when we arrive (children should eat an early lunch before meeting at the school). Children should not take any other food with them.

Note -  Children should travel in clothes they can wear for their first activity i.e. long sleeves, trousers below the knee and trainers

  • Please ensure your child takes any travel sickness pills before leaving school


What not to take


  • Jewellery

  • Make-up

  • Sprays e.g., deodorants, perfumes etc

  • Any electronic device

  • Table / iPad etc

  • Mobile phone

  • Camera 


Additional Information


Children should:

  •  Avoid loose clothing.

  •  Have extra warm clothing & waterproofs for cold & wet weather conditions

  •  Remove all watches and earrings during activities

  •  Remove any hard and sharp objects from pockets during activities

  •  Tie long hair back – children should have a hairbrush & accessories


All Personal Protective Equipment for activities will be provided by Kingswood.


Children will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style each day (except on the days they arrive and leave - see below). Meals are served in a communal dining room where there is always a choice of hot and cold dishes, a vegetarian selection and a fresh salad bar.

On Sunday, children will be given dinner.  On the Wednesday, they will be given breakfast and lunch.

What's on the menu?

Below shows a typical menu:


Sausage or bacon

Hash brown potato

Baked beans

Scrambled eggs

Selection of cereal

Fruit compote



Seasonal fresh fruit


Jacket Potatoes with filling

Sausage roll/baguette or wrap/ cheese and onion pastry

Soup of the day

Pasta of the day

Salad bar

Sunday Dinner

Chicken pie


Vegetable pie

Mashed potato

Seasonal vegetables


Salad bar



Monday Dinner

Beef burger

Hot dog

Vegetarian burger



Corn on the cob

Salad bar



Tuesday Dinner

Beef lasagna

Chicken ratatouille

Vegetable pasta pomme

Pesto chicken pasta bake

Seasonal vegetables

Garlic bread

Salad bar


Ice cream



Please ensure payments are made via ParentPay in line with the payment schedule.  Please be aware that if full payment is not received by the final date on the schedule your child may lose their place on the trip.

You may wish to take out private travel insurance for this trip.

Daily Update From Kingswood 2024


We arrived safely at Kingswood yesterday afternoon.  The children had a great time on their first activities, which included archery, bushcraft and buggy building.  After a good meal, the children unpacked and settled into their rooms before heading to the evening campfire.

We are looking forward to lots more fun today.

Our next update...

We enjoyed another busy day yesterday with the children challenging themselves with some of the high rope activities on offer at Kingswood.  The children learnt how to put on a harness as they tackled Leap of Faith and the 3G Swing!  Some of the children got a little dirty during Nightline so parents should expect  some extra washing!  After dinner, the children had the chance to pick up a few souvenirs at the on-site shop before our evening activity.  At times during the day, year 6 even ‘enjoyed’ keeping their rooms tidy in anticipation of a visit from the room inspectors (Mr Lynch and Miss Austin)!




















Yesterday was another adventure packed day at Kingswood with groups tackling a range of different activities.

The children developed their teamwork skills as they worked together during activities such as Problem Solving and Jacobs Ladder.  Overcoming their fears meant many of the children came away with a real sense of accomplishment. It has also been great to see some of the children show their leadership skills as they supported others both during the activities and in their rooms.


We are looking forward to an exciting last morning before heading back to Hamstel this afternoon.

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