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Year 6 Expected Standard of work


This is an example of the standard if fiction text that a Year 6 pupil should be able to read and understand. We would expect that a Year 6 pupil would be able to read this text fluently and with expression. We would also expect that they would be able to answer the following type of questions;


Questions about word meaning


What word could be used instead of bewilderment (Line 2)?


Questions that ask you to extract information from the passage


Who rescued Laurie from his ‘nightmare’?


Questions that ask you to summarise the text


What happened to Laurie after the cart had set him down?


Questions that ask you to use the clues in the text to produce a reasoned answer


How do we know that Laurie was scared when he stood in the grass?


Questions that ask you to use the text to make predictions


Do you think that Laurie will always be scared of the village?


Questions relating to the meaning of the whole text


Laurie has visited the countryside many times. Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement


Questions about the author’s choice of language


Why does Laurie compare his sisters ‘face to shields’ (Line 24)


Questions that ask you to compare different parts of the text


How do you think Laurie’s feelings at the end of the text compare to those at the beginning?

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