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At Hamstel Junior School we are very keen to help pupils learn to live healthy lifestyles. Cycling is one of the easiest, cheapest and most enjoyable ways of keeping fit. We are keen for pupils to learn about the health and the environmental benefits of cycling and to become safe independent travellers.  

We offer Bikeability Level 1 training to all our year 4 children and Bikeability Level 2 training to year 6.


Bikeability is cycling proficiency for the 21st century, giving all cyclists the skills and confidence to cycle in today’s traffic conditions, learning the basics of cycling technique, road sense and bicycle maintenance. If you would like more information on this initiative please visit the Bikeability website at  


Bikeability Level 1


Bikeability level 1 is for children who can already ride a bike unaided to develop their skills so that they are able to control their bikes safely and competently.   


Bikeability Level 2


Children must be able to ride a bike without stabilisers to take part in the Level 2 course and must attend all four sessions in order to complete the course.  

The course teaches children to: 

  • Start and stop with more confidence 

  • Pass stationary vehicles parked on a road 

  • Understand the road: signals, signs and road markings 

  • Negotiate the road: including quiet junctions, crossroads and roundabouts 

  • Share the road with other vehicles  


When completing Bikeability training, children need: 


  1. A bike that is of the correct size and is roadworthy (refer to the ABCD check guidelines). 

  2. A cycle helmet that fits (refer to the cycle helmet guidelines). 

  3. The correct clothing and footwear for riding a bike outdoors and the weather conditions on the day (waterproof coat, hat and possibly gloves).  

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