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Design & Technology

Year 3


In Year 3 children will learn:

  • to name food groups

  • to understand that food can be seasonal and has to be grown, farmed or caught

  • to safety follow recipes to prepare and combine a variety of ingredients

  • to use knowledge of existing products to design a functional product

  • to create annotated designs

  • to safely measure, mark out, cut, assemble and join with some accuracy

  • to choose suitable tools and materials and plan stage of use

  • to investigate and analyse products

  • to strengthen frames using diagonal struts

  • to understand how mechanical systems create movements

Year 4

In Year 4 children will learn:

  • to use prior knowledge to design a functional and appealing product

  • to create designs using exploded diagrams

  • to use techniques which require more accuracy to cut, shape, join and finish work

  • to use knowledge of material's functional and aesthetic qualities to select and plan

  • to consider how products might be improved and how well they meet the needs of the user

  • to apply learnt techniques to strengthen structures and explore ideas

Year 5


In Year 5 children will learn:

  • to understand to main food groups and nutrients

  • to understand how ingredients are safely grown, reared, caught

  • to select and combine appropriate ingredients and techniques

  • to research existing products to inform and design of an innovative product

  • to create prototypes to show ideas

  • to make careful and precise measurements

  • to produce plans including materials, tools and techniques to guide making

  • to make detailed evaluations about products considering the views of others to improve work


Year 6


In Year 6 children will learn:

  • to generate, develop, model and communicate ideas through discussion, annotated sketches, cross-sectional and exploded diagrams, prototypes, pattern pieces and computer-aided design

  • to apply knowledge of materials and techniques to refine and rework product

  • to use technical knowledge and accurate skills to problem solve during the making process

  • to use knowledge of well established designs to further explain the effectiveness of products

  • to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce complex structures accurately and appropriately

  • to apply understanding of computing to program, monitor and control the product

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