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Year 6

6H's Class Assembly (February 2020) 


6H's class assembly saw the children tackling their own 'Mission Impossible'!  They shared their explanations about how the gadgets they'd invented worked and impressed with their code breaking skills from their IT lessons.  The children demonstrated their agility by showing off what they'd been doing in PE.  The audience also got to hear about 6H's light investigations and saw the children's sculptures inspired by Henry Moore.

Well done 6H.

6G's Class Assembly (January 2020)


6G carried out a number of missions in front of a packed audience in their quest to become fully fledged MI6G secret agents.  Their spelling of tricky words, maths ability, general fitness, inventiveness for gadgets, grasp of languages and investigative skills were really put to the test.  The class finished the assembly and successfully graduating with a lively song and dance.

Thank you 6G for a wonderful assembly.

6C's Class Assembly (November 2019)


6C shared what they had learnt about World War Two during their class assembly.  The class shared rationing recipes, explained what they had learnt about The Blitz and showed technical diagrams of Anderson Shelters. The children read diary entries written from an Anderson Shelter and shared clay work based on sculptures created by Henry Moore.

The children demonstrated real empathy when they took the role of an evacuee and shared their different experiences.

Well done 6C.


 6D's Class Assembly (October 2019) 


The children in 6D shared their work about World War 2 during their class assembly.  They also impressed the rest of the school and their family and friends with their science work on classification and their writing inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream and Wuthering Heights.

The children finished their assembly with  their own version of the song Wuthering Heights accompanied by a dance. 

Well done 6D.

6L’s Class Assembly (September 2019)


6L retold the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream during their class assembly.


The class shared their art work demonstrating the techniques used by Henry Moore and what they have learnt in science about classifying animals.  The children also shared their descriptions of Oberon by producing a dating profile for him and like Bottom, thought about their own ‘Growth Mindset’.

Well done 6L.