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Year 5 Skreens Park Residential

Year 5

Skreens Park Residential





Week commencing 18th May 2020.



Arrivals / Returns


Please be in school at normal time. Leave at 9:30am.


Return by 3:20pm. Please collect your children from the playground at normal time.


Health and Medicines


 First Aiders and will be looking after medicines.

Medicines should be clearly labelled with instructions.

Prescription - must have child's name on it.

Non prescription - dosage signed by parent.


Give medicine straight to one of our First Aiders at the office on the day of departure. No medicines to be kept in children's bags.


All Skreens staff are also first aiders.



We will contact you by text when we get there.

We will also contact you if the children will be returning after 3:20pm.


The children will not have the opportunity to contact you.


Kit List Highlights 


Waterproof jacket

2 additional sets of clothes

Shorts, t-shirt and old shoes for water activities


2 towels

Bin bag for wet clothes


Sleeping bag / duvet

Fitted bed sheet



Please do not pack:



Mobile phones

Electronic games

Sprays (deodrants)

Letters from home


Cameras - we will be taking photographs!