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Year 4

4FM's Class Assembly (January 2020)


4FM gave everyone a whistle-stop tour of early British history during their class assembly.  The children entertained the school with an insight into the history of the Celts, Romans, Saxons and Vikings!  Although their assembly was inspired by the 'Horrible Histories' books, the assembly proved to be more fascinating than horrible!

  Well done 4FM was a very informative assembly. 

4Mi's Class Assembly (December 2019)


 4Mi's class assembly demonstrated how busy the children have been over the last term learning about Invaders.  

The children shared their Celtic inspired geometric patterns and demonstrated the different formations the Roman army used to defend itself.  The children also explained how difficult it was to measure out a Celtic roundhouse. 

The class enjoyed sharing some of their English work and their desire to be 'Rock Heroes' in maths!

Finally we got to hear about 4Mi's PE lessons which focused on learning the key skills involved in playing hockey.

Thank you 4Mi for an interesting assembly.

4M's Class Assembly  (November 2019)


4M shared what they have been learning about over the last term and demonstrated a great understanding of the Hamstel Habits.

The children described how determined they'd been during their recent Bikeability training. They also told the school how they'd strived for excellence during their science lessons about electricity and their geography work on climate.

The assembly finished with a great demonstration of how they'd used the word BELIEF to help them in their basketball lessons and a class performance on the ukulele!

Thank you 4M for a great assembly.