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Autumn Writing

The Literacy Shed is the home of inspirational videos that you can use to kick start any piece of writing. Click on the image below to visit the website. Choose a shed and a video that inspires you. Next to each video, you will find lots of different writing ideas.


All of the videos are for primary aged children but some may not be suitable for younger children so please check with an adult before watching.

Click on the image above to go to the website.


There are some more ideas in the document below.

Here are 11 different story starters.

Can you choose one and see where your story takes you?


1) A fairy tale opening

Once upon a time

or with a twist

Once upon a particularly terrifying time…


2) Use the weather

The rain came down like a hail of bullets on the roof of our car.


3) With direct speech

“Hurry up,” yelled Mum, “the taxi will be here any minute…”


4) Starting with a question.

Have you ever wondered why belly button fluff is always blue?


5) How about a sound effect?

“Eeeeek,” went the brakes as the car skidded sideways.


6) Go straight into the action

A vicious right hook caught me just above the eye.


7) Characters introduce themselves

Hello, my name is Sid. I’ve go a brain like a computer and a photographic memory. I’ve been following you now for three weeks, two days, seven hours and thirty-two minutes.


8) Start with a statement

Michael was miserable.


9) A description of a place, a character or a smell

The acrid smell of smoke drifted towards me.


10) Use the time

It was midnight… or The clock struck thirteen.


11) Flashback

As I wondered the lonely cliff path my mind went back twenty years to that terrible stormy night when my life changed forever.


Explore the Children’s Poetry Archive by listening to poems read out loud. Explore the popular themes, poets, collections and interviews. Can you discover a favourite poem? Could you recreate one of the poems you listen to? Can you illustrate a poem? You could even listen to a new poem each day.


Click on the image below to go to the wonderful world of poetry.



Do your stories deserve to be written in perfectly-formed handwriting? Have you always wanted to improve your pencil control?

Now is the time to master joined handwriting!


Click on the image below to enter the land of letter-join!



Username: ham

Swipe Code (for tablets): a capital "L" shape starting at top left

Password: stel


We recommend that you use the tablet edition for practising letter formation before moving into your books with a nice sharp pencil.

Please make sure that letter formation is accurate so you aren't just carrying on bad habits.



When you log in, select your class or year group then click on Fun, Word Bank, Sample and choose your year group.  This will also help with the spelling of words you need to know.

Words We Need To Know


Below are the lists of words that the children of each year group are expected to know how to spell.

Test yourself to see how many you already know and then set about learning the others. 

Sir Linkalot may be able to help with some of them. 


Know them all?  Why not look at the list for next year and get ahead!

Sir Linkalot


Always wondered how to spell those tricky words?

Now is the time to finally get to grips with those spellings you always get wrong.


Let Sir Linkalot help you out.



Click on the image above or download the ‘Sir Linkalot’ app from an online store and tap on the log icon (to log in).

Username: Hamstel Junior

Password: AA84Y4HTDJ


Start at the beginning, work your way through and and become a superb speller.

BBC Bitesize


  • Click on the image below to access BBC Bitesize for the new term
  • Click on this This Term's Topics
  • Choose your year group
  • Choose English
  • Choose the english topic you want to start with
  • Start your learning



  • Click on the image below to access Primary Catch Up lessons from BBC Bitesize
  • Choose your year group
  • Choose English
  • Choose a topic
  • Start your learning