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Wednesday 6th May

Good morning everyone.


We (Mrs Dunn and Mrs McCarthy) hope you enjoy finding out about important events because it really interests us. Last week alone we wrote about International Jazz Day, National Share a Story Month and more. Yesterday was Cartoonist Day but it was also World Hand Hygiene Day. What an important one to miss! There is a great video here to remind you how to wash your hands, which is especially important at the moment.


Today, we are looking at a special day in history. On this day in 1945, one of the last offensives of World War 2 started, The Prague Offensive. It must have been such a difficult time, no wonder everyone celebrated the end of the war in Europe with big parties in the streets.


There are so many interesting things to read about VE Day at the moment. Including the information on Newsround Hopefully, you have read the memories of the day from Miss A Hall and Mrs Dunn’s dads. Don’t forget that it all counts towards reading at home and should be written in your home school diary so you can earn even more house points.


This week, we are looking forward to seeing some more of your work. We know you are working hard at home to follow the lessons so please send us your VE day work if you are proud of it. We are very proud of you!


In my assembly on Monday, I challenged you to do a Soundcheck on TT Rockstars. Have you done it yet? If you have been practising regularly, it will show you how many more times tables you have learnt. If you haven’t been on TT Rockstars recently, do a Soundcheck today before starting to play the games. I know we are always asking you to play TT Rockstars but we do it for a reason! Knowing your times tables makes learning multiplication, fractions, area and more so much easier for you.


All you have do is click here:

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