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Visitors Assemblies

Guide Dogs Assembly



Thank you to Doreen Sims from Guide Dogs who spoke to the children during an assembly in April. The children learnt about the amazing things guide dogs are taught to do to improve the lives of their owners.

Doreen’s dog, Dougie, impressed the children with his ability to follow commands and stay focused and calm in spite of the 570 children in front of him!

Click here to find out more about Guide Dogs.


Samaritans Assembly


A team from the Samaritans visited the school last November. They spoke to the children in an assembly about how important it is to be emotionally healthy as well as physically.

The children shared their ideas about who they would speak to both in school and at home.


Everyone received a card to take home reminding them of the people they can share any worries with.

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Assembly by the Flu Vaccination Nursing Team


A nurse from the flu vaccination team came into school to speak to the children. The children learned how a flu vaccination works and were given some advice about preventing and avoiding the flu.

Click on the audio below to hear some advice from two of our  children.


Attendance Assembly


Debbie Reynolds from the local authority visited Hamstel to talk to the children about the importance of good attendance and punctuality.

Click on the audio below to hear why some of our children think good attendance is so important.