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Tuesday 19th May

Hello everyone



We hope that you had a good day yesterday and were able to complete all your work as well as watch your year group assembly.

Today, there is more exciting work planned for you and we hope that you are remembering to flick back through your books from time to time to see all that you have achieved- you should all be so proud of yourselves.


When you have finished working, don’t forget to send some time relaxing.


You might want to follow the link below and listen to a story.


You might prefer to follow this link and listen to some music that you may not have heard before.


Alternatively, if you have a bike, you might want to see if you are allowed to go for a cycle as May is national bike month.

Whatever you decide to do, keep safe, relax and enjoy.


 Click on the link below to find out from Miss Hammond what work we want you to send in this week.

Year 3 Photo Request

Today's Work

For some help with today's art lesson, here is Miss Jackson with some extra advice.

Andy Goldsworthy Art Lesson

Yesterday’s Answers