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The Swimming Curriculum at Hamstel Junior School



Children have fantastic opportunities to learn and develop essential swimming skills at Hamstel Junior School. Lessons are taught by a highly experienced and qualified ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher in our own indoor pool. We follow the ASA’s School Swimming Charter, ‘Let’s Take School Swimming Seriously’, a learn-to-swim programme specifically designed for teaching swimming within schools.

Having developed water confidence; basic movement and safety in water from Early Years Foundation Stage to the development of strokes in Key Stage One, there is a focus on improving technique in Key Stage Two.

Children are taught The Water Safety Code and all aspects of how to be safe in and around the water. All children receive encouragement and support to achieve their individual potential. The programme covers a variety of aquatic activities including competitive swimming, diving, water polo, synchronised swimming and life-saving.

All levels within the programme have a reward badge and certificate scheme with set standards and criteria which motivate children to continue to improve.




Key Stage 2 Awards

Year 3

Award Level 4 &10m Distance

Year 4

Award Level 5 and Aquatic Skills

Year 5

Award Level 6 and Self Rescue Award

Year 6

25m Distance


Click on the stars below to read the criteria for the following awards:


Children are expected to be able to swim a minimum distance of 25 metres (the length of an average pool) unaided by the time they have left primary school. This is the national curriculum KS2 attainment level.

Swimming is a skill that could save a child's life and a great way to improve health and fitness.


Swimming at School: A Guidance for Parents and Carers

Click on the ASA 'Swim for Life' guidance document below to read more about:


- The benefits of swimming

- The swimming curriculum

- What school swimming lessons involve

- How you can support your child to swim

- Staying safe in the water

- Further resources that support swimming

Swimming Kit Requirements

Please make sure your child has the correct kit with them for swimming lessons on the correct day. This includes all of the following items:

Swimming costume

One piece only, no bikinis.


Swimming trunks

These should not be loose fitting Bermuda shorts but fitted swimming trunks.

A swimming hat

Available from the school office. Please write your child’s name on the front.


A towel


Spare kit is only provided for children to borrow in emergencies and is not for regular use.


Swimming Hygiene

Click on the document below to read guidance from the ASA about dealing with verrucas.



Swimming Clubs at Hamstel Junior School


Click on the link below to view information about the swimming clubs available at Hamstel.

Swimming Pool Parties at Hamstel


Click on the link below to find out about booking a swimming pool party at Hamstel.