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Summer Term

PSHE - Healthy Eating


As part of their PHSE unit on Healthy Living, year 3 have been exploring healthy eating. They revisited the science work that they had done earlier in the year about food groups and discussed the need to have a balance of all of these, every day, to ensure they keep healthy.


The children were then given the task of selecting a balanced lunch. Their food choices were based on the foods that they are offered in the dining hall. They then had an opportunity, to discuss in their groups, what they thought was the most balanced meal.

Here are some of the meals that the children selected.

You might want to take this opportunity to discuss this activity with your child as well as the meal selections that they make when they are having a school dinner.  We expect all children to eat at least one portion of vegetables, salad or fruit with each meal.


The children were then asked to ‘build’ their own packed lunch. They were given an amount of money to buy their items and their choices were discussed within their groups. Once more, they were aiming for a balanced meal that included all the food groups in the appropriate proportions.

Here are some of the lunches that the children created.

When packing a lunch for your child, you might want to involve them in the process and see if they can use the knowledge that they have acquired, to produce a balanced lunch for themselves.