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Summer Term

Topic work - The Minpins


The children in year 4 really enjoyed reading The Minpins during their English lessons.  

They learnt to draw faces and bodies in proportion so they look realistic. Everyone was surprised to find out that eyes are actually halfway down our faces and our arms extend past our waists! The children used each other as models to help them produce their finished drawing of a Minpin. 







During the summer term, year 4 learnt about how Christian's show their faith at home, in church and in the community.  Each class had the opportunity to speak to Andy Goodliff, the minister at Belle Vue Baptist Church, over Microsoft Teams. The children asked him a wide range of questions, including:


  • what is the minister's job in church and in the community?
  • why are there bells in churches?
  • what charities does the church support?
  • what is the difference between Jesus and God?


 Year 4 enjoyed their Bikeability Level 1 this week, especially as they were in the sunshine! Each class had one session on the playground and children that aren't yet confident spent the time getting their balance on a bike. Level 1 is all about preparing to cycle on roads and Level 1 riders can:


  • prepare themselves for a journey
  • check their bike is ready for a journey
  • set off, pedal, slow down and stop
  • pedal (including looking behind, cycling one handed, turning and controlling speed)


Well done everyone that passed Level 1. We hope you continue cycling safely.