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Spring Term

Egyptian Day

The year 3 Egyptian Day saw the children and staff dressed as an Ancient Egyptian, an archaeologist or an explorer.

The children learnt how to write using hieroglyphics and calculate using Egyptian numerals and made and played their own version of a popular Egyptian game . The day culminated with the children being taught to dance like an Ancient Egyptian!



In the spring term, the children in year 3 demonstrated how machines move and used this information to help them create their own dances. 

3L are demonstrating different ways to show that a machine has broken down.   The children slowed down, jammed and represented different parts flying off the machine and exploding!



In 3D, the children have been measuring their bones as part of an extended science project across the year to see how they grow. This has given them an opportunity to consolidate their work in maths on length and practise using measuring equipment, such as tape measures, accurately.

Reading Buddies


Some of our year 3 children had the opportunity to read with a 'buddy' in year 6 as part of our star author day.  The children really enjoyed sharing a book written our guest author Gareth P Jones.

Modroc Models


Year 3 has been making Modroc mummies as part of their Ancient Egyptian topic. The children had great fun wrapping and smearing wet plaster strips onto rolled up sheets of newspaper. They then made and decorated sarcophagi to put their mummies in. 



Year 3's science topic in the spring term focused on forces. The children used force meters to pick up objects around the classroom. They then applied what they had been learning in maths about reading scales to find out how much force was needed to lift each object. 




3L ventured onto the playing field at the beginning of the spring term to put their measuring skills into practice. The children have been learning about measuring length in centimetres, metres and kilometres and how to convert from one unit of measurement to another. They then used their newly acquired knowledge to find out if an Egyptian pyramid would be able to fit onto the school field!