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Spring Term

Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Day

On Tuesday 17th March year 3 went back in time to become Ancient Egyptians and the explorers who discovered what their lives were like. They spent time learning about Cleopatra and her life and used their acting skills to recreate the story of her life. They also made their own Egyptian mummies and designed sarcophaguses to put them in for their journey to the afterlife.






Year 3 Staff

The Egyptians


In order to understand how the Egyptians moved large pieces of rock to build the pyramids, year 3 have been been exploring friction.  The children have been using force meters to measure, in Newtons, the amount of force needed to move objects on different surfaces.

Tomb Raiders


Sheets and blankets have been put to good use in year 3 to help the children experience what it must have been like to enter a dark unexplored tomb!  The children were given only seconds to take a quick look before having to draw the Egyptian treasures they'd discovered inside the 'tomb'! 



Year 3 have been using untuned percussion instruments to compose a piece of music to represent the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.   The children have been using pictorial notation to create a musical journey map which represents a range of dynamics and sounds.