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Spring Term

Viking Artefact Lesson


Year 4's topic on the Vikings culminated in the children becoming archaeologists. Using brushes, trowels and other tools to dig, the children uncovered Viking artefacts such horns to drink from, jewellery and pottery. 

Dance Workshop


In preparation for their Easter production, each year 4 class enjoyed their own dance workshop this term, led by a professional dance teacher.

The children were inspired by his journey from training at a performing arts college to appearing in musical theatre in London. As the year 4 production will focus on life through the ages, each class learnt a dance from a different decade from the 1950s to the 1990s!

Viking Day


Year 4 started the spring term with an exciting adventure back in time to the Viking age! The children were expecting a normal school day but after break were transported to Norse Land to meet their Viking teachers. The children's journey back in time included a visit to the Infant School hut to sit around the fire and listen to a story. Each class worked as a team to row a Viking long boat, fish for food and explore a Viking home. It was a fantastic way to introduce the children's new topic on the Vikings!