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Spring Term



A local dentist visited year 4 to teach the children how to care for their teeth and what happens if they don't.  

The children learnt how important teeth are for them to smile, speak and eat!  The children learnt that if they don't look after their teeth they can get toothache due to holes developing in their teeth.  The biggest reason for children to go to hospital is it to have bad teeth taken out!


The dentist also explained how he can see holes before they become painful. The children were shown models of three teeth with increasingly big holes because the original tiny hole was not treated.


The children were taught about the 3 ways they can keep their teeth healthy:


  1. No sugary food and drink between meals because they cause tooth decay.
  2. Brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. One of these times MUST be before bedtime.
  3. Go to the dentist every 6 months so any holes can be caught and fixed by a dentist before they become big and painful.

Year 4 Archaeologists


Year 4 have been exploring historical artefacts.

The children were given a letter from archaeologists at the National History Museum about a once in a lifetime discovery of Viking objects in our garden. Using trowels and brushes, they uncovered a helmet from a Viking warrior, runes, a comb, pottery and more.


The children really enjoyed being archaeologists for the afternoon!


The Digestive System


In science this term, year 4 has been learning about the digestive system. The children used bananas, biscuits, water, food dye and tights to make a model of the digestive system.  Digestion is the softening and changing of food so that the body can absorb it to use for energy (nutrition) & growth. The banana and biscuits are mixed in the stomach (a plastic bag) then pushed through the intestines (tights).


As you can see, it was messy and lots of fun!