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Words We Need To Know


Below are the lists of words that the children of each year group are expected to know how to spell.

Test yourself to see how many you already know and then set about learning the others. 

Sir Linkalot may be able to help with some of them. 


Know them all?  Why not look at the list for next year and get ahead!

Sir Linkalot


Always wondered how to spell those tricky words?

Now is the time to finally get to grips with those spellings you always get wrong.


Let Sir Linkalot help you out.


Click on the image above or download the ‘Sir Linkalot’ app from an online store and tap on the log icon (to log in).

Username: Hamstel Junior

Password: AA84Y4HTDJ


Start at the beginning, work your way through and and become a superb speller.