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Comedy Wildlife Photos

Something to make you smile today as we enter the second half of 2020!

Click on the image above to see some more comedy wildlife photographs.


I am sure everyone was woken up early this morning by the thunderstorm.  Click on the image above to find out how they occur in this short film that explains about thunderstorms all over the world.  Let's hope we have nice weather today - check the forecast by clicking here.

Back to the Ospreys

Click on the image above to revisit the osprey nest that we first visited a few weeks ago.  The chicks that we saw hatch are now huge!

Wildlife Wednesday - An Octopus out of water!

Keeping with our ocean theme, click on the image above to have a look at this octopus and how it hunts.  It's nature at its best!

SpaceX Rocket Launch

Saturday 30th May saw a very special rocket launch in America.  Astronauts Bob and Doug took off into space and have since joined up with the International Space Station.  Click here to read all about it on the Newsround website.

Click here to get a tour of their SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft. 

Wouldn't it be great if one of you could become an astronaut - to infinity and beyond!