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Glee Club Songwriting Workshop

Members of Glee Club have created their very own anti-bullying song supported by The Songwriting Charity. The charity runs an anti-bullying programme called Bully Beat which is designed to 'enthuse children... about the process of lyric writing, singing, music arranging and contemporary production whilst promoting a serious anti-bullying message'.

Take a listen to Glee Club's fantastic Hamstel anthem, which even includes our Hamstel Rights!

The Songwriting Charity

In October 2016, Founder and CEO of The Songwriting Charity, Nathan Timothy was awarded a Gold Badge by The Ivors Academy for 'inspiring and empowering a whole generation of children and young people through music'. The Gold Badge Awards have been presented for over forty years and honours those who have worked tirelessly to support the British songwriting and composing community.

Thank you Nathan from everyone in Glee Club for such a great day!

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