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3Ly Class Assembly

3Ly certainly made an entrance when they introduced their ‘Class Celebration’ during last Friday’s assembly! The children showcased some of their highlights from the year at the same time as demonstrating great confidence and maturity. The whole class showed off their musical expertise with a live performance on the glockenspiel. The children in 3Ly clearly enjoy PE as they shared their top tips to apply to all sports at the same time as demonstrating their rugby passes. With the help of a flip chart and their models, the class then shared some of their geography work by describing the different layers that make up the Earth. The assembly finished with photos of ‘other cool things’ they had done this year and their own version of the song ‘Green Green Grass’. A flourish of confetti ended the assembly with the same energy it had started with!

Well done to all of 3Ly and thank you to all the parents and carers who came along to watch.


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