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Online Payments and Bookings

Online Payments and Bookings


All school meals and places for Breakfast and the Daily After School Club need to be booked at least a day in advance. Please ensure you have set up an online account in order to make bookings and payments. The school does not accept cash payments.

If you have not yet registered to make online payments, please let the office know and an access code will be issued to you.


* Parents of pupils starting Hamstel Junior School in September will receive an access code on the first day of the school year.



Frequently asked questions


 Will I be able to book a school dinner on the day?

Ideally, we would like all dinners booked the day before at the latest.  We do understand that sometimes there is a last minute change. As long as you have money in your SCOpay account, you can ring the school office before 9:00am to book a dinner on the day. Please try to keep this to last minute emergencies only.


Can I send my child in with cash or a cheque to pay for anything?

We have moved over to a cashless system where all payments to the school must be made through the same system.


There is no money on my SCOpay account, can I book a school dinner?

No, you will only be able to book something if there is credit on your account.


Will my child have to tell the school what dinners they want for next week?

  All bookings are now made online. The same answer applies to Breakfast Club and the Every Day After School Club. You can book as far in advance as you like.


I have booked online and my child has changed their mind, can I cancel it?

  You can change your booking online up until the day before. For changes on the day, please ring the school office before 9:00am.

Can I pay for a school trip or school clubs online?

  Once money is needed for a school trip or a club, it will appear on your ‘Account Balances’ page. You can pay for everything through the same system.


I have tried to pay for one school dinner but it won’t let me.  Why is this?

There is a set £5 minimum on each section of the account balances (Every Day After School Club, Dinner Money and Breakfast Club). This is set because the company charges for each transaction so it is preferable to pay for a week or more rather than pay small amounts daily.


I am entitled to Free School Meals, do I still have to book?

Yes you do.  Anyone in receipt of free school meals is entitled to a free school dinner and free breakfast club but you still have to book the dinner online in order for your child to receive their meal.  The same applies to breakfast club bookings
. You will not need any money on your account to book.