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Times Table Rock Star Avatar Challenge

Head over to Times Table Rock Stars and spend at least 15 minutes in the 'Garage'.  This is the best way to earn coins (10 for every correct answer) that will allow you to get a new look for your avatar in the TTRS shop.  

Can you guess who these members of staff are just from their TTRS Avatars?

Answer are at the bottom of this page!

My Maths 

Below is a short film where Mr Hodges explains how to access the comments your teachers have been leaving on your work in My Maths.

Accessing Teacher Comments on My Maths with Mr Hodges


Have you finished your homework?

To make sure that My Maths knows you have finished your homework and to send your marks to your teacher, please follow the advice in the document below.

Other Maths Websites

Below are some websites that you could use if you wanted to do some extra maths!

Answers to TTRS Avatar Challenge

Ms Kipp, Miss A Hall, Mrs Stanford, Mr Lynes, Mrs Kipp, Mr Goddard, Mrs McCarthy, Ms Groom, Ms Campbell and Mr Smith.