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Manger et Bouger

Manger et Bouger


Learning Objectives

To learn the vocabulary associated with food and drink and how to express preferences.

To learn the vocabulary associated with healthy and unhealthy lifestyles.


Teachers are looking for children to:

Know the different forms of some verbs

Understand when reading independently

Read aloud and spell unfamiliar words, using known phonemes

Use resources in writing to widen vocabulary

Ask for clarification in longer conversations

Create sentences using knowledge of basic sentence structure

Express meaning to an audience through intonation and pronunciation

Write a range of phrases and sentences from memory and adapt them to write own sentences

Write adjectives and verbs and begin to use some adverbs


Key Vocabulary

Click on the document below to read the key vocabulary that the children have been introduced to this term.

Learning in Action

Working in pairs, the children created their own games of ‘I went to the shops’.


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