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Learning Conversations

Learning Conversations


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
working together is a success.



Learning conversations take place in the Autumn term to see how your child is settling into his/her new class and in the Spring term to discuss progress. Parents are asked to meet with their child to look at his/her work before the meeting with the teacher. This meeting takes place with the child present to allow everyone to contribute to the discussion and share responsibility for the child achieving his/her potential.


The last parent's evening takes place in the Summer term (usually July) when the children are encouraged to share their work with parents/carers. 



Due to the current restrictions we won’t be able to run our Learning Conversations in the normal way.  In order to give all our parents the opportunity to speak to their child’s class teacher we will instead carry out Learning Conversations over the phone.


Each ‘Learning Conversation’ will take the following format:


  • The class teacher will ring you using the contact number you provide
  • The call will be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes
  • The meeting will focus on how well your child has settled back into school, their current attainment and ways in which you can support with their learning


We hope that in spite of not being able to meet with your child’s class teacher in person, you still find the Learning Conversations useful. Our aim is to help you as a parent understand how well your child is doing in school and how you can support them.