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Kit List

Kit List


Tops with long sleeves for activities

An old set of clothes for Nightline!

Long trousers for activities

Two warm jumpers / sweatshirts

Enough socks and underwear to last a week.

At least 2 pairs of trainers suitable for the activities (one pair may get dirty when used for Nightline) 

Pyjamas, slippers and a thin dressing gown

A towel - no towels are provided

Toothbrush, soap, toothpaste etc.

Sun cream

 A hat

A waterproof jacket

A water bottle which can be refilled (this should be labelled with your child’s name)

A large plastic bag for dirty washing.

Watches can be taken but should not be worn on any activity.

One small case or holdall to fit everything in.

A self-addressed postcard with stamp (all children will write at least one postcard home on the first day).

A quiet game the children can play in their room e.g. travel chess, cards.

Pocket money – up to £5 for small presents / souvenirs etc.  Children will not be able to buy sweets or drinks; the children will be looking after their own money. 

Any medication


Children have access to water all day; if required, they may bring a small Robinsons Squash’d (or
equivalent) with them.   


For the Journey to Kingswood 


Packed lunch and drinks in a disposable bag 

A pen and pencil

Quiet activities or games (reading books, puzzle books, travel chess etc)

Please ensure your child takes any travel sickness pills before leaving school.




What not to take



Make up

Sprays e.g. deodorants, perfumes etc

Walkmans / ipods etc

Hand held computer games

Mobile phone


Any electrical items


Activity Kit List - Kingswood 




Additional Information


Children should:

 Avoid loose clothing.

 Have extra warm clothing & waterproofs for cold & wet weather conditions.

 Remove all watches and earrings during activities.

 Remove any hard and sharp objects from pockets during activities.

 Tie long hair back – children should have a hairbrush & accessories.


All Personal Protective Equipment for activities will be provided.


Kingswood Kit List