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Play 20 Questions


A game to play at home or on a video chat with friends or family (please ask first).  Guess the animal, vegetable or mineral in 20 turns by  asking the right questions.

Click on the image above to be taken to the Scout Association website where there are instructions.


We have some amazingly creative writers in our school who we know will be itching to do more than their daily lessons.

The documents below have some great ideas of how you can develop your writing.


Authorfy - here you can watch author masterclasses or click on the ’10 minute challenges’ to complete a challenge set by a bestselling author or illustrator!  If you love poetry then have a look at Children's Poetry Archive to listen to poems read out loud or explore and write your own Nature Poetry.  You could join the daily podcast on Radio Blogging to help you improve the content of our writing with their great tips and techniques.  Our last option below is The Literacy Shed - the home of inspirational videos that you can use to kick start any piece of writing.


Just click on the documents below for full details and links.