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Autumn Term (First Half)

Colchester Castle Trip


Year 4 visited Colchester Castle as part of their work on Roman Britain. The trip gave the children the opportunity to take on the role of archaeologists and explore the castle at the heart of the capital of Roman Britain.

The children took part in an interactive story tour which supported what they have been learning in class about life in Roman Britain and the events that led to Boudicca’s revolt.










You can find out more about Colchester Castle by clicking on the link below to visit their website.

Focal Point Gallery Visits


The year 4 classes have visited (or will be visiting) the Focal Point Gallery during the autumn term. The children have had tours of the gallery and worked alongside the exhibiting artists in digital literacy workshops.

The work created by the children during these workshops will be displayed on Big Screen Southend in the summer.











To find out more about the Focal Point Gallery, please click on the link below to visit their website.



Cycle Southend and the Ideas in Motion team delivered Level 1 Bikeability to children in year 4 in October.








You can visit the Cycle Southend and Ideas in Motion websites by clicking on the links below.