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Active Family Activities

Looking after your Physical Health

It's really important to keep your body fit as well as your brain so we have some great activities below that you can do at home.

Why not get everyone in your house involved?

In recognition of all the great activities and challenges that have been available to you, the school have been awarded the Virtual School Games Award to go along with our School Games Gold Award that we already have.


Our Weekly Challenge

Below are our weekly challenges set by Miss Duggans and Miss Bath.

If you complete the challenge, there will be a downloadable certificate available at the end of the week.


Challenge 11 - Tour de France Cycling Challenge


Challenge 10  - Box Like a Champion

Challenge 9 - Row for Gold

Challenge 8 - Premier League Passing Challenge

Challenge 7 - Kangaroo for a Day


Challenge 6 - Match the NBA 

Challenge 5 - 'Swim' the English Channel

Challenge 4 - Climb a Mountain Challenge

Challenge 3 - Match the Wimbledon Rally Record

Challenge 2 - Match the World Weightlifting Record

Challenge 1 - Match Captain Tom

Weekly Challenges from SPSSA

Southend Primary Schools Sports Association organise all of our tournaments and festivals in Southend.

Here are their weekly challenges if you would like to try any of them out!

Daily Exercise

Time to get your PE kit on!  Join The Body Coach - Joe Wicks as he delivers a daily PE lesson.

Click on the image above to join in.