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1st - 5th February 2021

Check not Cheat

Each day, on the website, you are provided with the maths answer sheets along with the worksheets. It is really important for your learning that you use these in the correct way. 

We would like you to use the 'check not cheat' system. This means that you use the answers to check what you have done after a few questions. If you are getting most answers correct, you can continue with confidence. If you have made lots of mistakes, this will give you the chance to look at the questions again; go back and re-watch the video; or try the support sheet instead to build your confidence. When you have finished the task you can complete your marking and see how you did. 

Remember, making mistakes and getting answers wrong are all part of the learning process. Your teachers want to see your working out and best efforts. 

Friday 5th February
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