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11+ Information

Year 5 11+ Meeting Notes

What is the 11+?

The 11+ is a series of tests sat by children to gain a place in year 7 at several local schools.  The purpose of the 11+ test is to select the children who have the potential to thrive in an environment which provides a highly academic curriculum and a range of challenging pursuits.

  • English Test

    • 60 minutes plus 10 minutes reading time
    • 60 marks
  • Maths Test

    • 60 minutes
    • 60 marks


Weighted 50% each


Not age standardised                     No verbal Reasoning                      Tests are deliberately hard


Is a place at one of these schools the right choice for my child?

  • Curiosity, enjoyment of learning and problem solving
  • Perseverance and completion of challenging tasks
  • Understanding of all concepts taught  at primary school
  • Enjoyment of a wide range of literature and/or non-fiction texts
  • Creativity in sustained writing
  • Ability to make connections between various areas of knowledge
  • Good memory
  • Imagination and original ideas
  • Ability to work at pace and assimilate information quickly


Headteachers of CSSE Schools believe that children should also:

  • Have a sound understanding of the National Curriculum in maths and English (secure)
  • Be familiar with reading and responding to texts which require a reading age of greater than 11
  • Understand the rudiments of spelling, grammar and punctuation


To tutor or not to tutor?

Whilst it is advisable for children to spend a few hours familiarising themselves with the style of responses required in the papers, this can be done at home, using materials that are available.


Important dates

  • June/July – CSSE Schools Open Days
  • 4th May – CSSE registration opens
  • 21st July – Deadline to register for the 11+
  • 23rd September 2017 – 11+ test
  • 16th October – results sent out
  • 31st October – applications for secondary school places made to the Local Authority
  • 1st March 2018 – National Offer Day



ReadingProject Gutenberg – free classic texts

Vocabulary – Word Dynamo and

Maths – Centre for Innovation in Mathematical Teaching (CIMT) – Book 7

MathsMy Maths or BBC Bitesize


How we will help


  • Mrs Farrell will be leading an English 11+ club
  • Starts after Easter



  • Ms Lothian will be leading a maths 11+ club
  • Starts after Easter


Letters will be sent out in the next few weeks to register an interest in taking the tests and attending our clubs.  Please note – these are familiarisation sessions and not extra lessons


11+ Pod – Mock exams.  Please see additional leaflets.

Any questions?

Either contact Mr Goddard or CSSE directly on 01245 348257 or check on their website.