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Year 3 Overview

Curriculum Overview


The curriculum overview is designed to keep you up to date with what your child is currently learning about in school and help you to support your child's learning.


There are a number of ways parents can support their child's education; supporting them with their homework is key in helping children become more independent learners as they get older as well as supporting the learning that takes place in school.


Please be aware that the curriculum is subject to change.


Year 3 Long Term Plan (2018-2019)





Art & Design

Painting – Mario Pop Art

Sculpture – 3D modroc masks (link to Ancient Egypt)


Sketching (beach inspired – Anthony Goldsworthy & R.Long)


What is a computer?

Touch typing

Producing and editing media

Touch typing

Collecting, Analysing, Evaluating and Problem Solving (Data Handling)

Touch typing


Control and Programming (Game Designer)

Touch Typing

Modelling and Simulation (Green Screening and Animation)

Touch typing


Control and Programming (Beebot)

Touch Typing

Design & Technology

Cooking – link to religious festivals

Sculpture – 3D Modroc masks (link to Ancient Egypt) – link to art


Textiles – puppets

Link to R.E – creation stories – running stitch


Body Parts

Bon Noel


Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood)


Verbs and revision


Map work – ordnance survey maps and compass points


Egypt study – physical geography (river Nile – water cycle)

Introduce volcanoes, earthquake (link to science)


Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age


The achievement of the earliest civilisations: Ancient Egypt


Rhythm (Start practising Christmas carols)

Christmas carols / songs

Charanga Music School – Glockenspiel (Stages 1&2 combined)

Charanga Music School – Three Little Birds

Charanga Music School – Let your spirits fly / Reflect, Rewind and Replay


Charanga Music School – The Dragon Song

P.E (indoor)

Dance – Stone Age dance

Gymnastics Unit L: Stretching, Curling and Arching


Gym: Travelling and Direction


P.E (outdoor)

Invasion Games

N & W Games

Val Sabin Unit 3 – Net / Court / Wall Games




S & F Games

PSHE New Beginnings Growth Mindset Friendships and Staying Safe Feelings Healthy Living SRE - Yasmine and Tom


Beliefs in action in the world: People of Faith



Celebrating: Waiting and preparing (Judaism, Islam, Hindu and secular view)

Followed by

Christmas theme: Waiting for the birth of Jesus


How important can a book be?

Different religions

What does it mean?

An opportunity to introduce the six major religions

Creation stories from around the world

 Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Aborginal and Chinese

Inspirational people who changed the world.

Christianity, Islam and Buddhism


Animals including humans



Forces and magnets


Soils and rocks