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Online Gaming Safety - Websites


The following websites support you to choose age appropriate games for your child and provide further advice about online gaming.


Ask About Games
The aim of Ask About Games is to help families make sense of video games. The site suggests games that can be enjoyed as a family and offers to answer questions you might have about online gaming. There is also information about age ratings, parental controls and staying safe online.


PEGI Age Ratings
PEGI explain how games are rated and what the labels on the packaging of games mean. There are also helpful tips for parents and links to parental control tools


Parents Protect
Parents Protect for ways to prevent your child from encountering problems whilst playing games online.


Internet Matters
Internet Matters shares statistics on children playing online games. They offer tips to keep your child safe and links to helpful resources.


Everybody Plays
Everybody Plays has guides to setting up parental controls on different gaming consoles. It also offers advice on popular games and explains video game age ratings.


Safer Internet
Safer Internet suggests three steps for parents to ensure their child is safe playing online games and answers frequently asked questions about online gaming.


Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media offers a huge library of independent ratings for games. It is a useful tool to use when assessing whether certain games are appropriate for your child to access.


Childline's website offers tips for children about how stay safe whilst playing games online. There is advice for children on what to do if they feel they are being bullied whilst gaming online.


Visit the NSPCC site to read about the risks of online gaming and ways to help children play safe.