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Results from our Parent/Carer Surveys October 2016

Results from our Parent/Carer Surveys October 2015

The best thing about Hamstel Junior School is...

Year 3

The teachers and our friends

The variety of activities and how they work at different levels for each child.

My child is very happy at this school, she has been to a few others before but this is by far the best. She will be here until the end.

Well organised, staff always helpful, sons have fun and enjoy going

Very friendly,great clubs.

Friendly staff always willing to listen and help with any problems or concerns. Children always eager to go to school.

A very good school to attend and also very friendly and happy environment for my child to be in

We have anti bullying ambassadors to stop bullying. It is a small friendly environment

Communication with parents and that my child is happy.

That my children seem to be highly motivated and engaged with most of their school work and are very happy here.

… likes learning

Staff are very approachable, always feel they have an open door policy.

It's well organised

The facilities it offers

Always happy to help


A good and friendly school

The support my child gets with his learning difficulties so he doesn't feel excluded

Local good school and my son is happy here

All the teachers and staff are polite and very helpful.

… has said maths is the best thing. He has always enjoyed going to Hamstel since reception year.

Liked the transition from infants to juniors

The progress my son is making with his education

Friendly staff and teachers

I have made loads of new friends and I'm learning new things everyday

I have always found the school approachable, however I have never had to raise any concerns regarding ... within the school as we have always been happy with how he is getting on

Communication, the teaching staff and the extracurricular activities

My child is happy here

My child enjoys attending and is taught well

We are new to the school but it seems very organised and run efficiently

The help and support with any concerns I have had and the promptness it is dealt with

Knowing my child feels safe at school

Feel my child is safe and progressing to his ability

My daughter is very happy and I have noticed a big change in her. She has become more independent and loves school.

Learning and playing with my friends??

My child gets on well at this school!

I love maths

They have been very good with my son with his needs and medical conditions, always inform me about his progress and any of his medical needs

They're are very helpfull and help me with any problems or queries concerning our home life or ... they are very friendly and approachable I'm very happy with this school

Year 4

The way my children have always been well educated and looked after and enjoyed school life here

The fun approach to learning and the fun days they have, like the time they got to wear Christmas jumpers and film for YouTube. I like to watch them and spot my child with a smile on her face.

Health and safety

Because I enjoy this school

The kind and helpful staff

I find the staff very approachable & helpful when needed

Its reputation.


It's a community school for the whole community with a strong leadership team.

My child feels happy and I believe his learning is at the right level for him

It's creative and fun.

The way my child is developing, not only with his learning but his confidence is growing.

… is very happy at Hamstel and thinks it provides him with a good education.

It is a school that really cares about a child's education and progress.

Everything it's an excellent school

Everyone is very polite .

My child is happy here

Provides a safe place where the pupils love to learn.

The teachers and the dedication they show to the children.


The dedicated staff and the thoughts and attention they pay to each child's individual situation.

Kindness and caring of teachers

It's a safe learning environment that my child makes good friends and starts his building blocks for his future, in a well ran school

Wide variety of curricular and extracurricular activities.

Year 5

Education and sports

It likes to promote itself within the local community

My child is happy and looks forward to coming to school.

Knowing my child is progressing well.

Sports and clubs

My child is happy and safe and is taught well

It offers a lot of aspects to a child's education

It's a great school

Events run through the year

How happy the children are

My child enjoys maths

They are very good in their all round commitment to teaching

It seems that … is getting on well and has lots of other activities that other schools don't offer I.e swimming pool .

The fact that we have laptops, computers, iPad's and we have a library

Learning in a fun way


My child is happy here, she has made some good friends & she's trying her hardest with the work & homework that is set. The staff are polite & helpful.

The library is Excellent with a great variety of books

That my child is happy and engaged

The reading

Its community spirit

Me and my daughter did this survey together. The best thing about hamstel school is learning new things and making friends.

… is much happier here and big improvement on her work

Support when needed from office and teaching staff

The teachers

Good reputation and academic standard

That … is challenged with his class work and get regular updates on how he is doing from his teacher.

My children enjoy coming to school and have never had issues with any staff as they are always pleasant and helpful.

Its caring environment.

Teaching staff and the way the school is run

Year 6

Is the clubs facilities and it's no bullying and it is a great school I would definitely recommend it

all the friendly people

The Sports

The staff

Well organised

A warm atmosphere and safety

… is able to develop good verbal communication with the school and her peers.

Having their own playing fields and adequate space for physical activities.

My child is happy and settling in well.



Relaxed atmosphere, support of parents, equality, fair treatment

Teaching excellence

I am familiar with the school and feel my child is progressing well.

The school is educational and has taught my daughter a lot

Helping children for any problems

My child is really happy here

The help to the students

Student involvement throuout all areas

We are well looked after

Making learning fun and all the teachers are fantastic.

Well managed, good communication. Generally happy staff. And only round the corner??. Sid has always been very happy here, therefore, I am happy too ??????

The school is well organised

Offers support for children and better curriculum than her previous school, more activities and she enjoys school for the first time in years.


The care and education they recive

Lovely atmosphere

The quality of learning offered is broad and interesting to my child she has said this herself it's a very proactive school who engage well with children dealing with incidents quickly and efficiently I have always been impressed and contented with child's development she is very happy here

Friendly atmosphere

Communication, support (play therapy), extracurricular activities

That it's a very good school

…says it is fun at school and mum likes the communication the school has with home

Teachers everyone who work here are so nice & helpful

My child is safe and happy and is learning at an appropriate level 4 her age

My son seems to be getting on well


Good range of clubs and support from teachers when needed


Nice teachers :-)

Fun interactive environment that has shown and is continuing to grow


Teachers are always polite and willing to listen to concerns

That you have very kind teachers that look after you very well and make lessons easy and easy to understand

That they always help my child if they get stuck. They sort out arguments that my child and their friends have. They are willing to answer my questions.

It's caring staff and pupils

The facilities are great. They always have children best interest at heart. They make it fun to learn.

Football at lunch time and seeing my friends

The teachers

The help that … receives

Everything very pleasd

The best thing about hamstel junior school is the way they help my son on his concerns or questions

The support throughout the school is fantastic

The staff are very approachable if there is a problem

There are so many good things in this school,but in my situation the thing that my child is happy to come here and she feels safe and protected is the most important.

…has really enjoyed every year at this school

Thank you for all the newsletters and information. That helped me understand what's going on with the school

Very happy how ... has settled in and very happy what the school has in place