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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


The school follows the National Curriculum which was introduced in September 2014. Children are taught the three core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science.
They are also taught the foundation subjects: History, Geography, Design and Technology (D & T), Physical Education, Computing, French, Art and Design and Music. Religious Education is also taught through the locally agreed syllabus. 15 Subjects are often approached through
topic-based, cross curricular learning which encompasses National Curriculum core and foundation subjects in a relevant and meaningful way.
Teaching will involve a variety of styles with great emphasis being placed on the high quality of children’s work.
A curriculum letter outlining the topics to be covered by each year group is sent to parents each term and can be accessed below.







Year 3



Stone Age to Iron Age





Life Outdoors


Year 4



The Romans


Water, Water Everywhere



Music on Sea


Year 5



Alaska and the Wider World


A Whistle-Stop World Tour



The Anglo-Saxons and The Vikings


Year 6



Battles and Betrayals


Action Stations


All Change!




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