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House Points

House System



At Hamstel Junior School we have a house system where children earn House Points by demonstrating fantastic effort in their work, good manners and great behaviour. The children spent the first two days of term learning about one of the four houses. Each year group then shared what they found out in a special assembly.


The new house captains have been elected by their peers and will be announced next week. The children have been busy collecting house points; the totals for each house will be announced each week in a whole school assembly, on the website and in the newsletter.


House Points (Current Totals)


  459 2nd

  454  3rd

   495 1st

  356 4th

Spring Term Winners

Well done to the children in Balmoral for winning the house cup again this term.



Autumn Term Winners


Well done Balmoral - autumn term's winning house.



Balmoral's House Captains were presented with a trophy in a whole school assembly. The children from Balmoral were treated to a Christmas film, popcorn and a drink as a reward for gaining the most house points this term.


Well done to all our pupils who have earned House Points over the term by showing great behaviour, good manners and fantastic effort in their work.