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An app (short for application) is a type of computer program and is most often associated with the software that runs on a smartphone or tablet device. Gaming and social networking apps tend to be the most popular among young people.

It is important to monitor what your child is downloading on to their smartphone or internet enabled device.


Click here for guidance from Childnet.

 In-App Purchases



'Increasingly we've been seeing reports of children accidentally spending money through 'in-app purchases' on mobile devices. Some apps, even those which are free to download, may require you to spend money within the app, for example buying extras which can make a game easier to play.'


UK Safer Internet Centre


Click here to read top tips to avoiding in-app charges on UK Safer Internet Centre's website.


The App Store


Click here to find out what parents need to know about The App Store.


Includes top tips on:


Creating accounts

Restricting in-app purchases

Browsing apps by age

Avoiding viruses and inappropriate content