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Aims of the School

Aims of the School

At Hamstel we aim:


  • To welcome each child into a caring community, so that by being valued they learn to value others.
  • To promote in each child confidences to do their best at all times and encourage them to be persistent to meet challenges that they may encounter in life.
  • To promote in each child an enjoyment for learning and school.
  • To provide a stimulating and varied curriculum so that every child is encouraged to develop her or his understanding and skills to their fullest potential.
  • To promote in all our children an attitude of self discipline, responsibility and independence so they, as adults, may make a real contribution to their community in a changing world.


We hope to give every child ...


  • The opportunity to develop the skills and acquire the understanding which provides a firm foundation for all future learning.
  • An education that is broad and balanced, covering all areas of the National Curriculum as well as important areas of health, safety, personal and social development and religious education.
  • An understanding of all communities an the cultural diversity that makes the modern world.
  • The recognition that each child will develop at his or her own rate.
  • A sense of pride and respect of each pupil's personal identity and fairness for all regardless of gender, race and social background of physical diversity.
  • The challenge, encouragement and understanding necessary to reach his or her full potential.